Mall+No stroller=Hell


Here is a tip for future mommies of toddlers…Never go to the mall without your stroller.  I’m talking until the kid is 6 or 7.  Here are reasons why:

1. Not having a way to restrain your child leads to a lot of embarrassing messes in shoe stores.

2. You have no where to put the cups and snacks and diaperbags and plastic swords and all the other crap you have to carry with you.

3. When your child does want a snack they are physically incapable of walking and eating, so you either end up standing next to them for 20 minutes begging them to walk or picking up a trail of goldfish through Dillards.

4.  When you finally give up and have to carry them throught the mall to the car (b/c they inevitably choose the furthest point from the car to stop walking) you are left with severe back pain.

5.  This can probably go unsaid, but you get NOTHING done.  If you manage to make it to the store you wanted, then your kid stands right by the door and refuses to move so you have to dart back and forth from a rack to the door to a table to the door, and so on.

6.  To top it all off, when you finally make it to the exit they put an arcade right there so Junior screams bloody murder when it is time to leave.

In case you didn’t guess, I went to the mall today without my stroller (which it was not my first time…I’m glutton for punishment) and the only thing I accomplished was buying a bunch of stuff we don’t need at the Disney store.  Shop ’til you drop has taken on a whole new meaning…I’m going to take a nap.



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  1. I totally agree about having a stroller at the mall! I mostly like to go by myself if that’s ever possible. haha

  2. I can totally relate. I have done the same thing. I am really just sure that the only way to go shopping is not to have a stroller, but to have a “GG” with you. GGs will not only entertain, but will facilitate the potty breaks that are always necessary right when you are naked trying on clothes. Plus GGs will help push an extra stroller to put the packages you have. Nothing is worse than trying to balance some shopping bags on top of a baby….especialy if they are plastic:(

    Clearly I am a fan of the ( and …. and clearly I am a fan of the word “clearly.” (recently pointed out by my co-workers how they make fun of me behind my back for how many times I say “clearly” per day).

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