My favorite time of day


Nap-time is every SAHM’s salvation.  Brandon has showed signs of not needing a nap anymore, but I am standing strong.  He knows that he has to stay in his room until he sleeps or at least stays quiet enough that Mommy thinks he’s slept.  I’m lucky…Brandon has always slept through the night (since 2 months) and has never slept in bed with us.  I would love to claim this success as a sign of my expert parenting skills, but really, we just lucked out.  Brandon inhereted our laziness and I have been known to be an energy sucker (which is a little known super power).  This is a pic of him conked out.  We were in his room talking and laughing and taking pics and he still didn’t wake up…I am nervous about when he starts school in the fall and has to get up.  The second pic is of his infamous bed head.  We call him Hair-do most days, because he hates getting his hair cut and won’t let me brush it most days.  Oh well, he’ll regret it someday when this picture shows up in his wedding slide show!



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  1. Andi!
    This is awesome…..and hilarious! 🙂 Brandon is SO BIG and such a cutie. I love all that blonde hair! So glad you sent me the link. We too have recently joined the blog world. I put our website address above. Keep in touch!

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