Who could stay mad at this face?


Well, I tell you what, it is getting easier with every tantrum.  We have had a rough couple of days.  Yesterday, I took Brandon to get his hair cut (those of you who have been with me for this know, it is a nightmare) and this was one of his worst visits to the stylist.  We had a very nice lady who put a cartoon on for him and let him play with toys and sat and played with him to get him comfortable.  He was happy and played with her and I know she was thinking I was exaggerating when I said he was a screamer.  I feel guilty, like I’m delivering a mail bomb…You’re all excited about getting a package and then…Boom!  As soon as she cut a hair he exploded.  We forced him into the airplane chair and then preceded with the cut which involved pinning his arms down, a head lock and handcuffs (not really, but if I’d had them…).  When we finally finished he refused to put a clean shirt on, but then when we got to the car he started trying to take his shirt off…He ended up riding home with no shirt on and spent the rest of the day like that.  He looked adorably white trash!  Anyway, today he has decided that I can’t answer the phone and rolls around on the ground screaming until I get off.  It is hard to ignore, to say the least.  That’s just one of the little crazy two year old things he is doing the last few days.  Just when I think I’m going to lose it, though, he does something adorable like runs in the room to kiss me or puts an Easter egg on his head like a hat and dies laughing (and yes, my Easter stuff is still out, but I’m working on it).  I think he is testing me, like when he will go to time out but refuses to sit…when do I take a stand?  He is very stubborn so I pick my battles, but part of me thinks he might be winning the war!


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