“Da Guck go Night”


The four cutest words ever uttered and Brandon’s first clear sentence.  We had such a great day yesterday (mostly, there was an incident when we were getting in the car but I don’t want to dwell on that)!  We went to the park and had a picnic with Shannon and Emily and then fed the “gucks” (ducks) their special duck food (stale cheerios).  Then we got to play on the playground where Brandon and Emily made friends with a little boy (who Shannon and I debated about whether he was a boy or girl for about 20 minutes) with long hair and bangs.  Then Brandon and I went to the library where he got his first library card!  He checked out 2 dinosaur books and got to play on the computer.  After Brandon’s (and Mommy’s) much needed nap-time we went on a walk and then had Turtle Sandwiches (PB sandwich cut with a play-do cookie cutter in the shape of a turtle) and “choc” (chocolate milk).  When Daddy got home, Brandon told him all about the ducks and then screamed when we said we couldn’t go see them, which Joe explained by telling him that the ducks went night-night, hence, Brandon’s first sentence.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I am including a picture of a duck in case you need a visual aid.

DucksThere were actually baby ducks there that looked just like this…they were so cute!  The baby geese were not so cute…kinda scary.


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