Arkansas ’08 Rulz!


 Okay, we had the first trial run for a Arkansas trip this weekend.  It was a small group (compared to past Llano adventures) b/c I have a small house and wasn’t sure if everyone would fit…which they barely did, since Josh had to sleep in the playroom.  Regardless of a few set-backs (cranky 2 year old, torrential downpour, way too many hushpuppies) everything went really well.  We went canoing on the Buffalo River and have determined that 3 people in a canoe equals tipping over.  Unfortunately, Ashley was the common factor in 2 of the 3 accidents, so we have also learned that canoing while pregnant is not the best idea either.  It was fun though…I discovered that I am clearly a natural at canoeing (no matter what Joe says) and think we should buy a canoe and make this a regular thing.  My enthusiasm faltered when the soreness kicked in, but now I am feeling better, so I’m back on board!  Everyone got to spend some quality time with Joe and Brandon for the first time, so that was nice.  I think some people believed I was making Joe up and just rented some guy once a year to make it seem real.  Brandon loved playing with the “boys” the first night but then had some bad moments (he is 2 after all) and I’m not sure spending a weekend with him convinced anyone that they want to have kids themselves.  Sorry, Ashley and Chris! But it really is worth it most of the time. 

 Brandon watching a scary movie with the gang! (Ashley’s in the comfy chair by herself)Ashley and me on the river bank! (I didn’t forget you, I just didn’t have the pic yet)


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  1. that is a great photograph of you and ashley… what a great photographer. i am sure you didn’t intentionally violate international copyright laws when you stole it from my site!

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