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Potty Training Anxiety


I have decided that next Sunday is the day for starting potty training.  This completely freaks me out. I have no problem with changing diapers until Brandon is ready and begging to use the potty, but, unfortunately, his pre-school requires that he be potty trained when he starts in August.  So this is putting a lot of pressure on us.  I, honestly, do not think he is ready, but I don’t know what else to do.  We are starting on Sunday and I am just praying (very literally here) that he will take to it and there will be no problems.  I post this as a public plea for both your prayers and advice.  I have NO idea how to do this!  If there was a service that came out and potty trained your child for you, I would pay good money for it.  So, please, send me your words of encouragement and any advice you may have…I am open to anything. 

Your desperate and panicked friend,



Go, Diego, Go!


We got to go see Go, Diego, Go, Live yesterday morning.  Brandon loved it (despite the fact that Diego was a 25 year old man) and was totally engrossed the entire time.  After about 15 minutes, I thought “this is going to be the longest hour and a half of my life”, but it picked up a little and the kids enjoyed it so much that it made it worth it.  The worst part, was when Dora made an appearance…you only thought the cartoon was annoying!  Something about her voice just drove me nuts and we decided she must be an understudy.  We splurged and bought a $15 Rescue Pack (which Joe thought was too much…I guess he expected it to actually turn into a raft or hang glider for that) and Brandon wore it in the concert and then that night to Jason’s Deli and Walmart.  I think it is adorable and totally worth the money.  I’m especially glad he is wearing it, b/c if he didn’t Joe would have definitely thought it a waste of money.  Here are some pics from our first trip to the theatre.



Brandon got a good report from VBS today!  He participated with the other kids and listened to his teachers and did what they told him, so I am very relieved!  They did say he was pushing kids today, but I have seen him do that and he is just playing (so it’s not meant to be mean).  I talked to him about it and he promised he wouldn’t do it again.  Anyway, we got home and had received our brand new bean bag chair from and Brandon loves it!  He wanted to put it in bed with him, but it was way too big.  I did put it in his room and half expect to find him asleep in it instead of his bed.  Anyway, overall a very good day! 

The picture from VBS is of the craft he made today (a magnet frame for the fridge).  I know you can’t see anyone but I don’t want to put other people’s kids on here without them knowing.



I have had 3 mornings free and I have managed to run a ton of errands, grocery shop, find a store to sell my kid’s art and blankets in and make some new picture frames.  I can’t wait for Brandon to start school!  He is doing a little better in VBS and I talked to his teachers this morning, before they were exhausted from a day with pre-schoolers, and got a much more positive feel from them.  I was feeling pretty discouraged before that.  They gave me some tips on getting Brandon used to a school setting and I think that once the new wears off, he will calm down.  He did get in a little bit of trouble today, when I was watching, because he ran to the back of the sanctuary instead of sitting with his group, but he was following another little girl so i don’t think it was really his fault. I will always defend my little Trouble-maker!

Brandon heads to VBS


Brandon went to Vacation Bible School for the first time today.  This is the first time he has done anything organized and been gone a whole morning.  I had a major anxiety attack this weekend over it…I was claiming it was because I didn’t think he was ready, but really it is because he is getting so big!  He doesn’t need me anymore!  I know he is starting school in the fall, and I have prepared myself for that (even though, I’m sure I’ll be one of the many mommies crying in her car after I drop him off) but this really snuck up on me.  He cried when I left him and I had to pry his little fingers out of my hand, which is heartbreaking, but I have been told before he gets over it really fast, so I just left. I was tempted to sit in the parking lot and spy on him, but they took the kids to the sanctuary right away, so I couldn’t see him anyway.  To distract myself I went to run errands and dawdle in the stores that I usually never go to with a 2 year old in tow (you know, the free standing shops, that you spend less time in than it took to get your kid out of the car).  I discovered, that it is really easy to spend money when you have time to try stuff on and dig through the bargains, so tomorrow, I will be coming home to work on Owen’s blanket.  When I picked Brandon up, he was in the sanctuary listening to songs with all of the kids and, I thought, was doing really well, with the exception of during the prayer he covered his ears and made fish faces at the girl next to him, but his teachers felt otherwise.  When I asked how he did, the girl sitting with him said “he needs to work on listening.”  Well, duh!  He’s 2 years old and this is the first organized activity he has ever done.  I told her the fact that he was staying in one place was a success and then escorted my little trouble maker out the door.  He’ll probably be on ADD meds by the time he’s 5! Over all, he says he had fun and wants to go back tomorrow, but we will see how he feels in the morning.  This is a trial run for when he starts school, so keep your fingers crossed! 

Camp Arkansas


When it was time to leave Cousin Camp, Cathy (Cici), my mom (Gigi) and the kids (Carsyn, Drew and Reese) were able to come back to Arkansas with me for a few days.  We were all exhausted but since I rarely have people come see me, I tried to make the most of it.  I think the greatest part was seeing Brandon in his element with his cousins.  He shared his room with Carsyn and Drew for the first time and I would say it was about a 70% success.  The first might, they were all so tired from missing naps that they fell asleep right away, or they were just trying to lure us into a false sense of hope, because it got more difficult to control them as the week went on.  By the third day, at nap time, they were so berserk that they never did got to sleep and every time we went in to threaten them, Brandon was out of bed entertaining the other two or using his bed as a stage for who knows what.  It was pretty funny, and I actually liked seeing Brandon so comfortable around other kids and having so much fun.  Even though we really only did one activity a day, the time went by so fast that we didn’t get to do half the stuff I had hoped for.  We did get to spend one morning at Fun City (a Chuckie Cheese-like place) were they kids played video games and the boys played air hockey, which was really cute and painfully slow paced.  Unfortunately, at about noon it was overrun by “big kids” and we had to flee.  Tuesday, we went to the library for a special music program and a picnic.  I thought the music was great, although 50% of the kids were not in good spirits, so we had to go to the terrace for a picnic before it was over.  There is one thing I have discovered in my time with the cousins…there lunch time is at 11 am sharp!  They start melting down fast after that.  We, also, got to go see Uncle Joe play softball, which was fun, even though I think we embarrassed him by being a rowdy cheering crowd.  Drew definitely cheered the loudest!  They had to get home Wednesday, even though I was trying to convince them that one more day would be perfect.  I had fun with Cathy and Mom, too.  We rented chick flicks that I never get to see (Red Box rocks!) and ate the biggest salads in the world while watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight, which is something I usually do alone.  I was really sad for Brandon when they left.  I thought he would be lonely and bored, but we when we went out that day, just the two of us, he was in a really good mood.  I think he missed being the only one I worry about and always getting his way (yes, he’s spoiled, but he is very sweet when he’s reminded).  It was also obvious how much he had missed his daddy.  He has asked for him and played with him more, the last week than he ever does, which I know has made Joe happy.  Brandon tends to be a momma’s boy and it is refreshing (especially to his tired momma) to see him want Joe just as much as me.  Sky and Noah were not able to make this trip, but they will be coming for the Fourth for lots if Arkansas fun. 

P.S. I finally got to see Juno, which Kate, I think, said I would love, and she was right.  It was dry and hilarious and I wanted to see it again before it was even over. 

Cousin Camp


Okay, this is going to be a long one, so I am going to categorize it by days.

Day One: Wild, Wild West

On the first day, we went to the Arboretum to Texas Town.  It was really cute…it has all of these old cabins and houses for the kids to play in and a covered wagon.  We had a cowboy lunch (Brown sacks decorated with stars) and Smores in a bag (teddy grahams, chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows…my new invention).  Then we got to just walk around and play in the water that the giant frogs spit at you (this sounds weird).  It was stifling hot, even though it threatened to rain the whole morning, but the kids loved it.  Anyway, after that we went home and the kids took naps at Sissy’s house and then did their daily craft and memory book.  Because it was rainy, we had music and parachute time inside, which the kids loved and then tragedy struck.  A major stick horse massacre!  My mom and I stayed up late the night before making stick horses for all the kids (because we are insane) but didn’t think about how to attach the head to the stick, so when the kids started playing with them horse heads went flying EVERYWHERE!  Stephanie was near hyperventilating she thought it was funny, but my mom and I did not see the humor until Brandon walked up with his stick in one hand and his horse head in the other and said “Da, Horse, Head!” and it was pretty funny.  We managed some glue gun surgery and got them all pieced back together before we permanently scarred any of the cousins.

Playing school in Texas Town.


Day 2: Wild Child

This was a more laid back day, which was needed.  We went to a park near my parents and blew bubbles and made fruit loop necklaces (which is a great craft, if you haven’t tried it) and played with the parachute.  The highlight , for me anyway, was the kite flying.  Brandon is a natural!  Which I know sounds silly, but none of the other kids could really got it going, but Brandon loved it.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t very windy and Sissy was about to die running with the kite in the heat, so we didn’t get to do much, but we are going to by a kite this weekend.  After that we were tired, so we got McDonald’s to take home (Brandon actually ate some nuggets) and laid the kids down.  After naps, we got to swim and Sissy’s house.  Carsyn loved sliding into the pool and Sky tried out her new floaties.  It took Brandon a while to warm up, but eventually discovered a fun game with G (which basically consisted of him hitting G in the head it a water noodle) and loved his very first Popsicle, even though he held it upside down and licked the stick at first.  He’s smart, it just takes him a minute sometimes! 

Day 3: Wild Animal Kingdom

This was my favorite day of Cousin Camp! We went to the Dallas World Aquarium, which is one of the coolest places I have ever been.  It has normal aquarium stuff, like a glass tunnel, but the top level is all rain forest. You go on a path past trees and when you really look, there are monkeys right there beside you and the birds just fly around free (one buzzed Brandon’s head and completely freaked him out!).  We saw alligators and bats (shudder) and they have a jaguar on a glass box, which is kind of sad, but cool because he was really close.  Brandon wanted me to move the glass so he could touch it…I didn’t.  The shark tunnel was really impressive and Brandon favorite part until a stingray swam up behind him and scared him half to death, which I am ashamed to say, was hilarious!  Even though it was a little pricey, I recommend going.  They even have nice restaurants, so this would make a really fun date night. The rest of the day was the same, with swimming at the end again.  Brandon got right in this time and played with Drew on the top step the whole time.  Drew was funny, because he would hold his nose and prep for a big jump, but he only went in to his ankles! 


Day 4: Wet and Wild

Thursday, we went to the city Aquatic Center where they have a huge kid section and a zero entry pool (think that’s what it’s called when you walk right in).  The kids had a lot of fun.  Carsyn was very brave and swam in the big pool and the boys pretty much played together by the side and on the stairs.  The big excitement was when the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate and a fire truck came!  It turned out to be nothing but a nuisance, but I think the kids like seeing the firetruck more than anything.  Later, it was my afternoon and evening off, so after naps, Gigi took the kids to Stephanie’s where they got to go on a walk and do chalk and play on the basketball courts.  I got to go see my old college roommates and have pizza and Sangria (which, btw Kate, was toxic!).  It was a blast seeing everyone and catching up.  I was pleasantly surprised how fast we fell into our old comfort zone.  I do not want to go that long between seeing them again! 

Day 5: Wildly Exhausted

I named this day myself!  We didn’t have any plans, because Sky had a dress rehearsal and some other things that day (she is a very busy little girl), so my mom and I kept the other kids at the house, in their jammies, until right before Cathy and Chris got back.  We actually made a mad dash at about 4:45 to get them all clothed!  That night we had the Cousin Camp finale, where my mom made steak and potatoes (a George favorite) and Stephanie debuted the Cousin Camp video.  It was amazing!  I nearly cried several times.  It was a great way to record the week and the kids loved watching themselves on tv.  I can’t wait to show Joe and watch it over and over again!

That was it…the whole, looooong week, that always seems to fly by.  If you are interested in a Cousin Camp DVD, they can be purchased for $15.99 at the front desk.  Thank you!

****On a side note, I was able to stay in town to go to Sky’s first tap recital and it was the greatest thing I have ever seen.  She was adorable and stole the show!  Although, I have to say, the best part was when the really old dance instructors did a routine at the beginning.  It was bad in the most fabulous way.