Heading for the Big D!


Don’t worry…I mean Dallas!  Yeah, after 4 months away, we are finally coming to visit and it is a jam-packed trip.  We will be spending 2 days at the new water park/hotel in Grapevine (Wolf-something) and then Cousin Camp ’08 starts on Monday.  If you have never heard of cousin camp it is basically a week of fun for the kids and torture for the adults.  By the end of camp last year, GiGi and I nearly had to be hospitalized.  But this year we have added one adult (and only one baby).  We might actually be up to Texas Child Care regulations now.  I also get to see all of my favorite college roommates (it has been way to long) and meet the new babies.  It is going to be fun and really busy, but I will take plenty of pictures and try to keep my blog updated, which I know all of my faithful readers will appreciate (all 3 of you)! 

On a seperate note, I have hand sanitizer on my hands and keep touching my mouth, so when I lick my lips it tastes disgusting.  Don’t you hate that?


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  1. what about your favorite high school peeps?! we aren’t special since we came to Arkansas? Can’t wait to see you!

  2. I of course am excited about seeing the Coppell crew, but at the time I didn’t have plans set…so as an ammendment:
    I GET TO SEE MY COPPELL CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can’t wait to hear how it goes this week! I have nothing to do this week since you won’t be here. 😉

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