Camp Arkansas


When it was time to leave Cousin Camp, Cathy (Cici), my mom (Gigi) and the kids (Carsyn, Drew and Reese) were able to come back to Arkansas with me for a few days.  We were all exhausted but since I rarely have people come see me, I tried to make the most of it.  I think the greatest part was seeing Brandon in his element with his cousins.  He shared his room with Carsyn and Drew for the first time and I would say it was about a 70% success.  The first might, they were all so tired from missing naps that they fell asleep right away, or they were just trying to lure us into a false sense of hope, because it got more difficult to control them as the week went on.  By the third day, at nap time, they were so berserk that they never did got to sleep and every time we went in to threaten them, Brandon was out of bed entertaining the other two or using his bed as a stage for who knows what.  It was pretty funny, and I actually liked seeing Brandon so comfortable around other kids and having so much fun.  Even though we really only did one activity a day, the time went by so fast that we didn’t get to do half the stuff I had hoped for.  We did get to spend one morning at Fun City (a Chuckie Cheese-like place) were they kids played video games and the boys played air hockey, which was really cute and painfully slow paced.  Unfortunately, at about noon it was overrun by “big kids” and we had to flee.  Tuesday, we went to the library for a special music program and a picnic.  I thought the music was great, although 50% of the kids were not in good spirits, so we had to go to the terrace for a picnic before it was over.  There is one thing I have discovered in my time with the cousins…there lunch time is at 11 am sharp!  They start melting down fast after that.  We, also, got to go see Uncle Joe play softball, which was fun, even though I think we embarrassed him by being a rowdy cheering crowd.  Drew definitely cheered the loudest!  They had to get home Wednesday, even though I was trying to convince them that one more day would be perfect.  I had fun with Cathy and Mom, too.  We rented chick flicks that I never get to see (Red Box rocks!) and ate the biggest salads in the world while watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight, which is something I usually do alone.  I was really sad for Brandon when they left.  I thought he would be lonely and bored, but we when we went out that day, just the two of us, he was in a really good mood.  I think he missed being the only one I worry about and always getting his way (yes, he’s spoiled, but he is very sweet when he’s reminded).  It was also obvious how much he had missed his daddy.  He has asked for him and played with him more, the last week than he ever does, which I know has made Joe happy.  Brandon tends to be a momma’s boy and it is refreshing (especially to his tired momma) to see him want Joe just as much as me.  Sky and Noah were not able to make this trip, but they will be coming for the Fourth for lots if Arkansas fun. 

P.S. I finally got to see Juno, which Kate, I think, said I would love, and she was right.  It was dry and hilarious and I wanted to see it again before it was even over. 


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