Brandon heads to VBS


Brandon went to Vacation Bible School for the first time today.  This is the first time he has done anything organized and been gone a whole morning.  I had a major anxiety attack this weekend over it…I was claiming it was because I didn’t think he was ready, but really it is because he is getting so big!  He doesn’t need me anymore!  I know he is starting school in the fall, and I have prepared myself for that (even though, I’m sure I’ll be one of the many mommies crying in her car after I drop him off) but this really snuck up on me.  He cried when I left him and I had to pry his little fingers out of my hand, which is heartbreaking, but I have been told before he gets over it really fast, so I just left. I was tempted to sit in the parking lot and spy on him, but they took the kids to the sanctuary right away, so I couldn’t see him anyway.  To distract myself I went to run errands and dawdle in the stores that I usually never go to with a 2 year old in tow (you know, the free standing shops, that you spend less time in than it took to get your kid out of the car).  I discovered, that it is really easy to spend money when you have time to try stuff on and dig through the bargains, so tomorrow, I will be coming home to work on Owen’s blanket.  When I picked Brandon up, he was in the sanctuary listening to songs with all of the kids and, I thought, was doing really well, with the exception of during the prayer he covered his ears and made fish faces at the girl next to him, but his teachers felt otherwise.  When I asked how he did, the girl sitting with him said “he needs to work on listening.”  Well, duh!  He’s 2 years old and this is the first organized activity he has ever done.  I told her the fact that he was staying in one place was a success and then escorted my little trouble maker out the door.  He’ll probably be on ADD meds by the time he’s 5! Over all, he says he had fun and wants to go back tomorrow, but we will see how he feels in the morning.  This is a trial run for when he starts school, so keep your fingers crossed! 


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