I have had 3 mornings free and I have managed to run a ton of errands, grocery shop, find a store to sell my kid’s art and blankets in and make some new picture frames.  I can’t wait for Brandon to start school!  He is doing a little better in VBS and I talked to his teachers this morning, before they were exhausted from a day with pre-schoolers, and got a much more positive feel from them.  I was feeling pretty discouraged before that.  They gave me some tips on getting Brandon used to a school setting and I think that once the new wears off, he will calm down.  He did get in a little bit of trouble today, when I was watching, because he ran to the back of the sanctuary instead of sitting with his group, but he was following another little girl so i don’t think it was really his fault. I will always defend my little Trouble-maker!


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