There goes my big career…


In last week’s post I alluded to the fact that I found a place to hang some of my paintings and sell my blankets…well, after talking to the owner a couple of times (when she was actually at the store) I got the feeling that she was kind of a nut and became less optimistic about my budding art career.  Even though it was sooner than expected, I got the call from the store last night (from the actual lease holders) to come pick up my stuff because they were closing the store.  They were very nice and said they liked my pieces but that they were closing down shop and were not planning on reopening anytime soon.  So, there you have it…for 7 days I was a professional artist.  I would love to say that this has given me new found optimism that there are opportunities out there (which I am hoping for), but a black cat passed in front of my car on the way home. I’ll let you make of that what you want.


3 responses »

  1. Since you already had bad luck the black cat cancels it out. It’s like breaking even, which means you’ll be a pro again soon!

  2. ah, suck. i’m sorry your store was so short lived! i’m going to side with chris, two negatives have to equal a positive!

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