Happy (Belated) 4th of July


We celebrated the 4th with Stephanie, Gerrit, Sky and Noah, who came to Arkansas to see us.  It was a blast and as always we had a new adventure with Sissy!  Friday we went to a rodeo parade and saw lots of horses and “interesting” parade floats.  Then we went to eat and went to the pool that night and it was the weirdest thing…the town was almost deserted.  There was only 1 guy at the restaurant (and this was a popular place) and 2 other families at the pool, which is usually packed.  Apparently, everyone left town for the holiday and Joe and I just weren’t invited.  That’s okay, though…we had fun and it was nice to let the kids be a little loud or wild and not have to worry about it.  That night we watched fireworks from my backyard, which was quite a show, since you are allowed to shoot off fireworks within city limits here and they went on until about midnight. On Saturday, Stephanie made us go to Devil’s Den National Park to take the kids hiking…I say made, because none of us thought the kids were old enough and expected a disaster, especially since it was raining that morning.  But, we were wrong!  It was a blast and I want to start going all the time!  It was a real hike (especially carrying a 9 month old with us) but the kids had fun and only fell a few times, which with toddlers happens on flat surface too, so it might as well be on a mountain with beautiful views and fun caves to explore.  That night we were wiped out so we stayed home and cooked out and then took the kids fishing for the first time.  They liked it, but since they didn’t have hooks, it got old pretty fast and we didn’t have a fishing license so we were a little worried about the law gettin’ us.  The next morning, Sissy and fam left early and we started our first day of potty training, which I will tell more about later.  Overall, it was a great weekend and I love having my family come up here and see were I live, especially Stephanie, because every timeshe comes I discover something else fun to do (last time we went to an animal refuge and a bat cave, with strollers)!


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