Why you don’t leave a 2 yr old alone…


Joe and I were on the computer and left Brandon in our room sitting on his potty and watching a cartoon.  Suddenly, he comes walking into the office with the bowl from his potty with tinkle in it.  Apparently, he was so proud of himself that he wanted to come show us.  We freaked and tried to take it away but he wanted to empty it himself and I was afraid if I fought him too much he would jerk it away and then it would have been very bad.  He managed to empty it and wash it out himself with no spilling so that was good, but it was hard to get on to him about picking up the bowl himself and still be positive about him going tinkle on the potty.  I decided to let it go and just keep a better eye on him from now on. 

We have hit the “do it Me-self” phase, big time.  I got him a pair of crocs he can put on himself because he was driving me crazy trying to put his good shoes on.  He wants to take his own pants off, but can’t, so he lets me pull them down but he has to be the one to take his feet out.  If I do one foot, we have to put them all the way back on and start again.  We worked out a compromise on putting his pants on…he pulls up the front and I do the back.   I guess being potty trained has given him a taste of independence and he likes it!

Just being adorable!

Just being adorable!

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