Super Brandon


Along with Brandon’s new independence has come a desire to pick out his own clothes and accessories. For example, we went to Jason’s Deli the other night wearing red crocs, his sunglasses, an animal necklace and Rescue Pack slung over his shoulder.  I tried to explain the rule of taking off the last accessory you put on, but he didn’t seem to care much.  I felt better, though, when we got there and two little boys were wearing capes. 

The other night at Wal-mart we found a Batman mask that Brandon wanted to put on, so I let him and that was it…he fell in love with the idea of having a secret identity.  He wore the mask the rest of the time in the store (I had to take another one to the counter to check out) and only took it off at home when he realized he couldn’t drink his chocolate milk with it on.   I love that he is finally entering the “shorts and boots” phase that all little boys go through.  If we don’t have embarrassing photos to black mail him with, how will we have any control when he’s a teenager?


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