Hugs and Kisses


When I put Brandon down for his nap yesterday he gave me the biggest hugs (one on each side) and several kisses.  Usually, when he goes through this routine I do one of each and then give him his dinosaur to hug and kiss some more so I can go eat my lunch and start the daily cleaning (just kidding about that last one, more like watch tv).   But I just let him hug and hug and thought about when he gets older and he won’t hug me at all, especially not long lingering hugs.  I think I am feeling like he is getting too old too fast with school starting and potty training.

My favorite hugs that he gives are right after I get him up from nap, if he is still a little sleepy I carry him into the living room and we stand in front of the mirror and hug and he will move my head a way from the mirror so he can see what he looks like when he hugs me.  He is clearly adorable, but a little vain.  Brandon will watch himself in any reflective surface.  After bath, I bundle him up in a towel  and hold him in front of the mirror and he watches to see what he looks like when he kisses mommy on the cheek.  I think it is funny how fascinating he finds himself. 

We have started playing a game recently where I pretend to be asleep and he has to wake me up with a kiss like a prince.  He can get a little excited and I have been head butted more than once, but usually he gives the best little kisses before he shoves my head back into the pillow to go back to sleep so he can do it again.  At this age kisses have magical powers…they wake up princess’ and cure boo-boos…I’m glad that I get to remember those days through Brandon. 

My 2 adorable boys.

My 2 adorable boys.

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