Brandon’s first day of school


Since this was such a monumental day, I decided to write about it first.  It went really well…no tears from either of us!  I think if he had cried I definitely would have, but he was excited and went right in.  Our biggest fear of the day was his potty training.  It was been a rocky process and with so much going on lately, it has not been going well.  But luckily, my little boy has the bladder of an elephant and was able to hold it for about 6 hours.  His teachers said he sat on the potty and never went and when we got home he still wouldn’t go until about 2 pm.  Honestly, I figured this was the only way he would make it home in the same clothes I sent him in.  He is a little bladder shy and with a new environment and new potty, I didn’t think they would have much success.  I’m just glad he didn’t have an accident, because he only gets 3 before they send him home for a week, which would really stink.  Anyway, they didn’t tell me much more, but there were no bad reports so I guess that was good.  When we first arrived, his teacher showed him his cubby and he got so excited he did a little happy dance (which is his new thing) and then waited in line for his turn to wash his hands.  He also met his new speech therapist who seems okay, but for some reason she rubbed me the wrong way so I am trying to get over that.  She kept calling him “dude” and telling me things I already know.  Totally my problem, but still, I wish we could have stayed with Jayna.  Overall, a great first day and we will see how tomorrow goes. 


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