Monthly Archives: September 2008



I did not finish the laundry and instead took a nap, but I blame the beautiful weather because I spent so much time outside today that I was forced to take an afternoon Benadryl that knocked me out.  So it was nature over nurture this time!


Up and about, again


Hooray, I have reached week 12 and feel a thousand times better!  I could have a relapse, of course, especially when it comes time to clean the floors (wink, wink) but so far, so good.  I am still tired and starving and a little light headed but it is nothing compared to how I have been feeling. I even washed my hair today (shock!), took Brandon to the library and then trimmed the hedges when I got home.  Maybe it’s the great weather or just the relief of not worrying about passing out, but I am even in the mood to finish the laundry. 

Now for an adorable little boy story…Brandon is obsessed with Underdog right now, so he has been wearing a cape around and even wore it to the library today and kept it on the whole time.  I caught him watching his refection in the windows when we were playing outside because his cape was blowing when he ran.  He was trying to fly and you could tell he was focusing so hard on what muscles to use to get his feet off the ground.  Pretty cute…I’ll try to get a picture later.

Baby Brother/Sister


We finally went to the doctor today and I am happy to report that we (Brandon and I) heard the baby’s heartbeat and it was strong and healthy, so, Yeah!  I have been really nervous, so I feel a lot better now and am ready to begin the official count down.  I just have to figure out how to put one of those count down things on my page.  Nothing else much to report except that I am about to crawl out of my skin waiting to find out the gender.  The doctor did say that since I am having different symptoms, maybe that means it’s a girl!  I like her, because she doesn’t make me feel crazy for believing that kind of stuff!  I am already showing a little, which is normal for the second pregnancy and I choose to belive that is why my pants don’t fit, not the 3 Musketeers I have every night (they’re baby ones, so not that bad).  Morning sickness isn’t that bad…I haven’t actually gotten sick yet (knock on wood), I’ve just been starving and a little light headed at times.  I did almost get sick on the director at Brandon’s school yesterday, which would have been awesome since we don’t like her.  Apparently any sort of stress makes me queasy so I am taking it easy and trying not to stress out about certain things.  I think now that I know Baby is healthy that will help alot.