Don’t give up on me!


Okay, sorry I haven’t written in so long and I hope I still have some people checking in, but I discovered that my life is pretty boring and I only have so much to write about.  But, since it has been so long, I have a reserve of updates and anecdotes now! 

First, I went to the doctor last week and all is well.  The babies heartbeat was about 140, which is good, but lower than Brandon’s used to be.  There are several differences this time around (some that shouldn’t be mentioned on a co-ed blog), so I am hoping that means one big difference in the pink vs. blue category…I don’t want to jinx anything!  I have my sonogram in a few weeks and hopefully baby will be cooperative. 

Brandon doesn’t seem to care one way or the other if he has a baby brother or sister (and I am going to be thrilled either way, just for the record).  I’m not sure how much he grasps.  We talk about the baby and last night, when I was reading him his book, he jumped up on my tummy and I said “ow, you sat on the baby” (it didn’t really hurt, but I wanted to see what he thought).  He turned and patted my tummy in a “you’re fine, get over it” kind of way and went back to his book. It was kind of funny.  I know one thing, Brandon is going to make sure this kid can take care of itself.

Part of the reason I haven’t had time to write is the fact that Brandon has become a new child in the last two weeks. I don’t know if it’s school, or being 3, or he has developed ADD, but he is berserk most of the time. He will go all the way to Joe’s nightstand, run through the house, throw his body on the bean bag chair, then jump onto the ottoman to the couch, where he gets one of Toby’s toys and begins chasing him…then he repeats this about a thousand times.  If he is not playing this game, he dances and dances, whether music is on or not.  He also, has conversations with, what I hope, are imaginary friends and he uses different voices which is really cute and shows a good imagination, except it can be kind of creepy.  For example, in the car this morning he kept saying “No, my pants” in alternating high and low voices.  And the other day when he was supposed to be napping I heard him playing Duck, Duck, Goose by himself.  Crazy kid…just like his mom!


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  1. Wow, kids really love bean bags! I wonder where you can find great bean bags for kids and all their imaginary friends? Oh- that’s right,

    So the bottom line is if your kid is boring and lazy, buy him or her a brand bean bag chair and he will be fun and imaginative and funny and smart and awesome.

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