Pumpkin Patch Fun!


We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday to pick pumpkins (obviously) and tomatoes and one illegal apple.  Joe was off work for Columbus Day, so he got to go and ended up being the Pied Piper of Pumpkin Patches.  The kids all stuck to him like glue and he ended up carrying several of their pumpkins.  We mom’s thought it was great!  And since he was one of the only dad’s there, so I figure he won’t ever go again, I might as well use him while I got him!  Brandon also got to see some chickens and roosters that he thought were pretty cool and he enjoyed screaming (with Caleb) at them as loud as he could.  We went and had pizza after and then went and bought Brandon a horse costume (pics to come).  Brandon got lots of Daddy time this weekend.  Saturday he helped Joe mow the lawn and went to MacDonald’s and Daddy’s work.  You could tell he really enjoyed the special attention and even asked Joe to get him dressed this morning (which I ended up doing, but at least he didn’t scream “No Daddy” like he usually does in the mornings). 


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