Monthly Archives: November 2008

Growing up…


…Not me, of course, but Brandon.  Last night, Brandon called me “Mommy” (well, “Moddy”, but that’s what he meant) instead of “Da”, his nickname for me.  We have been working on this for months and for a second I was so excited and then it hit me…he’s not a baby anymore but a big boy.  To add to this, I am having a garage sale and getting rid of a lot of his baby clothes.  Toss a few pregnancy hormones and an impending head cold on top and I am pretty much a mess today.

So, while remembering the adorable and funny things he used to do, I am trying to flash forward to the new adventures we will be able to have as he gets older.  Right now, I can’t think of any, so feel free to cheer me up with some ideas!


Make room for Baby!


My mom came back with me and helped to get the closet in the guest room (soon to be nursery) organized so it can be multi-purposed into a craft/sewing/storage/baby stuff closet.  It went really well and we even managed to organize the front hall closet and Brandon’s closet all in the same day.  We were feeling so triumphant with our amazing time management skills that we decided to go ahead and refinish the armoire that was intended to for the new nursery.  This ended up being a major time-suck and pretty much took us the rest of the week (excluding a quick trip to the book store to research baby names, of course).  We were a little nervous when we first got into it…it turned out to be in much worse shape than we had anticipated.  But, after many coats of paint and some wood putty, my mom worked her magic and made it adorable.  We may add some more details later, but for now it looks great and I am too exhausted from our marathon week to think about it. 

We were refraining from buying anything for the babies room until we find out for sure if she is in fact a she, but I’m only human and couldn’t resist a few pink items.  So, the rule was amended to not buying anything that can’t be returned.  Here are pictures of what we have done so far.

Sonogram day!


Well, for all those who I have not had a chance to call or text, we had our sonogram today.  First of all, the baby is healthy and measuring at the perfect size for “it’s” age.  Now that I got the important stuff out of the way…..IT”S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Probably…she was very polite and ladylike and would not uncross her legs for a clear view, but the sonogram technician was leaning toward girl and we are choosing to go with that.  We are going to have another quick sonogram next month when I go in for my regular check up to verify…so, 4 weeks from now there may be a very different announcement accompanied by a Craigslist listing for a lot of pink clothes and girly room decor! 

I am relieved that everything is fine and excited to have a girl, especially since Brandon refers to himself only as “the Boy”, so now we don’t have to worry about changing his nickname.  When Brandon saw the sonogram he got very excited because mommy had a “T-rex” in her tummy!  We explained that it was the baby and it finally seems to have clicked.  Now if I ask what is in mommy’s tummy he will say a baby instead of whatever snack we had just had.  I will try to put some sonogram pictures on-line but right now I am exhausted from all of the excitement today and driving to Dallas.

Go Hogs!


Today was the last Razorback home game and Brandon and I got to go with Joe, because no one came in town and we had extra tickets.  Even though Brandon threw-up in the car on the way to the game (totally disgusting and I almost lost it) the day ended up being pretty good.  The weather was perfect and Brandon watched the game for about 5 full minutes, which is an improvement.  He wanted to leave after the first quarter but we decided to stick it out and after a snack, he started enjoying himself again.  He did fall asleep in the fourth quarter, but I prefer that over him crying or bugging the people around us.  The Hogs won (finally)!