It’s official…


…we are having a girl!  Yeah!  I would have been fine either way, but the uncertainty was driving me crazy.  I had a second sonogram today to conform the sex of the baby and “Girl Brandon” (as my funny son calls her) was much less bashful and we got a perfect shot of, well, what we needed to see.  So, the good news is I do not have to repaint the armoire and I get to keep all of the cute pink things I have accumulated.  I am going to try to resist buying anything else until after Christmas but it is going to be hard now that there is not a question mark attached to my excitement, like it has been the last month.  I, once again, forgot to scan in my sonogram pics when I was in Dallas and am in the middle of a really crazy week, so I will try to get them posted next week or whenever (hopefully, before the baby actually comes and they are slightly less exciting).  By the way, the baby is healthy and growing rapidly…at least, that is what I am claiming since I gained more weight than I wish to disclose this month. 

Well, I’m off to watch Rudolph with Brandon and try to work on one of my many projects.  In lue of baby girl pictures, here are some cute pictures of Brandon and his cousins from Thanksgiving. 


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