Monthly Archives: February 2009

Baby Bump Update


Well, I definitely look pregnant now!  I always thought it was depressing when you get so big that your maternity clothes start getting too small, but I discovered something even worse last night…I sat down in a chair and the whole seat of my pajama bottoms tore!  These were fairly new, so I really have no excuse, but I am choosing to blame Sonic Happy Hour.  Who can resist a Route 44 drink for half price!  I can also throw some blame at the Girl Scouts, who are only slightly less evil than actual drug pushers.  The good news is that Thin-mints seem to be giving me instant heart burn so that has kept my consumption down some (notice, I haven’t actually stopped eating them…some things are worth the pain). 

On a more positive note, one of the perks of being giant and pregnant is getting to have a baby shower!  My friends here in town threw me a great shower on Sunday, that was so fun I almost forgot that my stupid baby-brain made me a full hour late (that’s all I’m going to say about that, b/c I am still mortified and can’t really think about it).  I got some beautiful baby girl clothes and lots of socks (my lack of girly socks has actually kept me awake at night, so this was a big deal).  I got my pink boppy cover because there is no way I could feed my darling girl on a blue boppy…that would be insanity!  I am waiting to get some pics from my mom because in the semi-coma state that I have been in, I forgot to get my camera out and take any myself. 

Okay, I have officially run out of steam and the killer chair is winning the battle tonight, so I am off to bed.  BTW, I had a doc appointment this week and other than a startling weight gain, nothing new is going on.  I’m on my weekly appointments now and will keep you all up to date if anything changes or if I bust out of any more clothes!


I’m an Aunt…Again!


Welcome baby Mia Jade!  Stephanie and Gerrit had their 3rd baby yesterday around 2 pm.  She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and was 20 inches long…so, just like her mommy, tall and skinny!  She is beautiful, of course! Sky and Noah looked a lot alike and she definitely looks a lot like them, but there is something different that I haven’t quite placed yet.  I think her face shape may be more like Dad’s.  I can’t wait to see what she looks like as she gets older.  She does have a little hair, which was very exciting, but apparently the nurses were not impressed…they clearly don’t realize just how bald some of the babies in our family have been. 

Unfortunately, I was still on the road when she was born, making this the first birth for my sisters that I have missed.  Stephanie was really sweet and said since she was still in her gown when I got there, that it counted.  This has made me really excited and nervous to meet Little No Name in March.  It seems really far away now, and not just because I am constantly uncomfortable and have an entire chorus line hanging out in my tummy (and yes, I know that the baby is not in my actual tummy, but I think some people are still uncomfortable with the correct girly words).    Brandon seemed really excited about meeting Mia, so that gives me some hope for when Girl Brandon gets here.  So far, he doesn’t seem to really understand. When we talk about the baby he still insists that he is the baby so we may have to come up with a code word for Girl Brandon.  Unfortunately, it turns out that I was a closet pet-name user and have used all of the good names on Joe and Brandon.   I’ll have to think about it, but for some reason “Pumpernickel” keeps popping into my head, and I don’t hate it!

Anyway, Brandon and Drew got to have their first Bunkin’ Party (boy slumber party) last night, even though Brandon refused to sleep in the same room,  and they are having so much fun. Hopefully it will stay fun and they don’t get sick of each other before tomorrow.  I will try to post some pics later, but I want to check with Steph first.  Have a great weekend!

Blackout ’09


For all of those who do not live in the area, we had a massive ice storm come through last week that covered the city with 2 inches of ice (which doesn’t sound like much, but is apparently really heavy).  This caused wide spread power outages that affected our house from 9 am Tuesday morning until 6:30 Wednesday night.  Looking back on it, we were able to survive and it really wasn’t that bad, but at the time we were told we may not have power for up to 5 days, so the stress of not knowing really made it worse.  Tuesday wasn’t bad…we have a gas fireplace and water heater, so we were able to keep the living room warm and still had hot water.  Joe made an impressive dinner of grilled chicken, baked beans, and garlic bread on the grill.  I thought it was funny, because at least one night a week we have sandwiches and cereal for dinner, but Joe had to cook on the one night we had no power!  We all slept in one bed and actually got hot during the night and had to take off our sweatshirts.  The next day, it was much colder in the house so we went to Joe’s office, where they had power, for a couple of hours and then Brandon and I took a nap.  I would say that the hardest part was entertaining Brandon for two days with no TV and trying to get him to confine his playing within 5 feet of the fireplace where it was warm.  He asked to watch a movie once and I reminded him that we couldn’t because the tv was broke, so he thought for a minute and then said “Okay, we can just watch Diego.”  I thought that was pretty funny.

When the power came on it was the happiest I have ever felt and I am considering my wedding day and the birth of my son!  Brandon looked at me with a big smile and just said “We can watch movie?” Apparently that was all he was waiting for.  Joe and I were a little dissappointed because we were going to try and make spaghetti and hot cocoa on the grill that night! But we were definitely not willing to give up electricity for that. 

A lot of people still had no power through the weekend and it looks like a war zone up here because of all of the broken trees.  If anyone is need of firewood, I know where you can get some.  It’s B.Y.O. Chainsaw, though!