Baby Bump Update


Well, I definitely look pregnant now!  I always thought it was depressing when you get so big that your maternity clothes start getting too small, but I discovered something even worse last night…I sat down in a chair and the whole seat of my pajama bottoms tore!  These were fairly new, so I really have no excuse, but I am choosing to blame Sonic Happy Hour.  Who can resist a Route 44 drink for half price!  I can also throw some blame at the Girl Scouts, who are only slightly less evil than actual drug pushers.  The good news is that Thin-mints seem to be giving me instant heart burn so that has kept my consumption down some (notice, I haven’t actually stopped eating them…some things are worth the pain). 

On a more positive note, one of the perks of being giant and pregnant is getting to have a baby shower!  My friends here in town threw me a great shower on Sunday, that was so fun I almost forgot that my stupid baby-brain made me a full hour late (that’s all I’m going to say about that, b/c I am still mortified and can’t really think about it).  I got some beautiful baby girl clothes and lots of socks (my lack of girly socks has actually kept me awake at night, so this was a big deal).  I got my pink boppy cover because there is no way I could feed my darling girl on a blue boppy…that would be insanity!  I am waiting to get some pics from my mom because in the semi-coma state that I have been in, I forgot to get my camera out and take any myself. 

Okay, I have officially run out of steam and the killer chair is winning the battle tonight, so I am off to bed.  BTW, I had a doc appointment this week and other than a startling weight gain, nothing new is going on.  I’m on my weekly appointments now and will keep you all up to date if anything changes or if I bust out of any more clothes!


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