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The Nursery


We finally got the nursery completed once we picked a name.  Here are some pics for those that are interested.


Here’s the story…


Alright, I am going to give a little play-by-play because it is very cathartic (and fun) to share your birthing story. 

Monday, March 23: We spent the day getting ready for Lexi, running errands and taking some pregnant pictures.  My feet swelled up so bad that I couldn’t bend my ankles and it was really depressing. I’m so glad that part is over!

Tuesday, March 24th

2 am: I woke up and could not go back to sleep because I felt like I was having contractions and had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  I was so mad because I wanted just one more solid nights sleep before the baby came and I didn’t get to sleep again for months.

5 am: I finally gave up and got up to get ready to go to the hospital.

6:15 am: Joe and I got to the hospital and checked in (15 minutes late, which made me crazy). My mom stayed with Brandon so she could take him to school. We decided that he didn’t need to be there the whole day and I didn’t want him to miss speech. 

7 am: The nurses gave me my IV and patosin (I am not even attempting to spell that right) and called the anesthesiologist for my epidural.

7:15 am: The anesthesiologist (my hero) came in and we filled him in on the problems I had when I had Brandon. If you haven’t heard the story, then you probably haven’t met me, but just in case here is the RD version. In the 30 minutes it took to get my epidural I progressed from a 3 to a 10, so I was having full contractions.  Joe had to put me in a head lock, literally, to hold me still and the doctor was yelling at us. He had to redo the needle 3 times and when he was done, he said it was the hardest one he has ever done. So, I was more nervous about getting my epidural this time than I was the actual delivery.  This time, the doctor was an older, experienced man and he was wonderful! He was real soothing and seemed to think it was really weird that the other guy would have had any problems.  He got the needle in on the first try with no discomfort and then stayed and chatted to make sure the medicine kicked in. He said it was one of the easiest epidurals he had ever done!

7:45 am: Life is good!  The patosin really started working and my contractions started but I didn’t feel a thing. My doctor came in and said that they would probably break my water around lunch time.

8:15 am: The nurse checked my progress and was surprised that I had already progressed almost to a 4 so she went and got the doctor,

8:20 am: My doc decided to go ahead and break my water and found out that I had already progressed another centimeter since the nurse had checked.  They both told me to try and take a nap while I waited to get to a 10, which I knew was going to happen too fast for me to get any sleep.

9:00 am: My mom got there after dropping off Brandon and we started getting really excited.

9:33 am: My sisters and Dad arrived from Dallas.  They left at 4 am to make sure that they made it in time.  I was feeling a little nauseated from the meds so I had to lay on my side with a washcloth on my head while we visited.  Everyone was really excited and kept pacing back and forth which made me feel so much worse, so we had a strict sit-still-or-else rule if you were in my line of site.

10:40 am: I felt a little cramp that I thought was weird so I called the nurse.  She checked me and was very suprised that I was already to a 10 and told me  not to push!  She started setting up for the doctor to come in.

11:00 am: The doctor came in and had me start pushing.

11:05 am: Lexi made her debut after only 5 pushes total.  She was much bigger than we had expected, 8 lbs 3 oz, a full pound bigger than Brandon was. Everyone wondered where she was hiding, because I never got very big…I said that’s why I have been so uncomfortable! She has a full head of dark hair and was solid fat rolls!  It all happened so fast it took me a minute for it all to sink in.  I told Joe it was a slap in Mother Nature’s face not to have more kids, because it was so easy for me…the doctor and nurse just laughed and said if we had a 3rd Joe would need to learn how to deliver at home!

When Brandon came in to meet Lexi he was very excited but did not want to get on the bed with me and didn’t want to hold or touch her, which was probably best since he had just come from school.  On Thursday he took a brag book to school with pictures of Lexi and showed his teachers and his friends.  So far, he has been really good with her.  He likes to help Gigi and Mommy get things for Lexi and if she cries he comes running into the room to see “What happened?” He still doesn’t touch or hold her, but he likes to look at her.  We were trying to wake Lexi up to eat yesterday and Brandon said, “Wake up Lexi, it’s time to eat. Mmm-mm.” It was really cute.  We aren’t sure if Brandon is confused or just pretending, but with Gigi he insists that there are 2 babies, Baby Sister and Lexi. He said Baby Sister is in Mommy’s tummy and Lexi is here.  When my mom said Baby Sister came out of Mommy’s tummy Brandon thought about it and decided that Baby Sister was in the car.  He refused to give Lexi her hat earlier because it was Baby Sister’s hat. We aren’t sure what to do about this, but hopefully it will click with enough time.

Lexi Len


She is finally here and even more exciting, we finally picked a name! The debate was long and out of control and continued until she was 26 hours old. We decided on Alexis Len and call her Lexi.  We had a lot of names that we liked, but we found ourselves using Alexis as a middle name in all of them just incase we decided to call her Lexi, so finally we decided that there must be a reason we keep going back to that. 

Anyway, I am pretty tired right now and it is time for Lexi to eat, so I am just doing a quick post tonight, but I plan on telling the whole story in my next post with video of the birth…HAHA, just kidding! I’ll tell the story, but no video…as far as I’m concerened I like to think that angels delivered her while I was napping! Here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful baby girl!

Another Doctor Appointment…


…but this time I do have some news.  If I do not go into labor before then, I will be induced next Tuesday morning.  I assume it will be the same as last time, so I will have the baby mid-afternoon, except this time I want my epidural as early as possible.  My curiosity of what a contraction really feels like was definitely satisfied last time, not to mention, Joe is pretty much insisting that I not wait this time after having to put me in a headlock last time to get the needle in.  So, I am relieved to have a plan, even if I go into labor sooner, so I don’t feel like it is going to go on forever.

I was thinking about how different women are when they invision the delivery process.  For example, I know Ashley did not want to be induced and, unfortunately, Owen felt otherwise.  I, on the other hand, can think of nothing better than to go in on a planned date.  My doctor asked if I wanted to go into labor on my own or be induced and she barely finished the sentence before I answered.   

I have also decided that the dicomfort of the last four weeks of pregnancy is God’s way of making a woman willing to go through anything just so it will be over!  This last week my maternity pants have stopped fitting, I have slept about 4 hours a night (total, not consecutive thanks to frequent bathroom visits), and my feet have swollen to 3 times their size.   Luckily the weather is warming up, so I can wear dresses instead of pants and flip flops, since my shoes no longer fit.  My doc said to cut out salty foods and in my mind I thought “So, that leaves ice cream?” 

I will leave you with a couple of cute Brandon stories…right now, he has his cars lined up and is playing drive-thru, which is a testiment to my parenting.  He pulls one up and says “Thank you” and then “Your welcome” and then drives that car to the side and does the next one.  I’m not sure if is bad that he is this familiar with the process, but I figure at least he’s being polite.  I would be really embarrassed if he was being rude to the pretend drive-thru people. 

After we left the doctor, I told Brandon that we were going to get to meet baby sister soon and he was happy that she was going to come play with him. Then right after we got home, the doorbell rang and Brandon got really excited and starting yelling, “Baby Sister’s here!” It was really funny.  I told him I wished that’s how she got here, but that we still had to wait.

Nothing new to report


I went to the doctor today, and I am still the same as last week.  She said I could stay this way for a couple of weeks, which is aggravating, or I could go into labor any minute.  I am recieving many requests from the fam about having the baby at convenient times, so I will do what I can.  I have been trying to walk alot but we are about to get another cold front with rain and possibly snow, so I doubt I will be leaving the house much the next couple of days.  Anyway, that’s all I got and, as always, I will keep you posted!

Feeling better, already


I think my anxiety purge last night really helped, because I slept so much better and haven’t had any imaginary contractions yet today.  Also, I think that Joe is so freaked out that it is forcing me to be the “rational” one and that always helps me cope in stressful situations.  I came into the nursery last night to put a few things in a diaper bag for the hospital (just in case) and Joe was on the computer. The conversation went a little like this:

Joe: What are you doing?

Me: Packing a diaper bag to take to the hospital.

Joe: RIGHT NOW??? (and I think he may have had a small heart attack)

I assured him that if I was actually in labor that it will be the first thing I say and I will probably not be nonchalantly picking out booties and baby blankets. 

The other night Joe was doing night-night prayers with Brandon (which usually turns into conning Daddy into reading a book and playing dinosaurs) when I overheard this conversation:

Brandon: My tummies getting bigger.

Joe: It is?

Brandon: Yeah, like mommy’s  tummy bigger. (He likes to point out how huge I am)

Joe: What’s in mommy’s tummy?

Brandon: My baby sister, but she’s not home yet.

Joe: No she’s not…

Brandon: How does baby sister get home?

Joe: (looooong pause)

Andi: (yelling from other room) Angels!

Brandon: Yeah, angels bring baby sister home!

Just so you know, I have no problem lying to my kid…I am perfectly content with him believing angels bring babies and thunder is the sound clouds make when they are cold.

Freaking Out!


Well, I went to the doctor on Tuesday expecting to hear that it was going to be at least a couple of weeks and to discuss when I would be induced (like I was with Brandon), but instead was told that I am 2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced (which if you have had kids or have friends that discuss it obsessively (sorry about that) then you understand what that means).  Basically, the doc said she doesn’t think I will make it to my due date and to make sure I have my bags packed. 

Logically, I know that it will probably still be a couple of weeks and that my “progress” could actually regress before my next appointment, but unfortunately, rationality is not my friend right now.  During the day I feel fine, other than a few Braxton Hicks contractions, but at night every little twinge wakes me up and I lay there forever trying to figure out if it was a contraction and to see if it happens again. I think that some of my anxiety is driven by the fact that I have another child to worry about too.  With Brandon if I had gone into labor spontaneously, it was no big deal…I envisioned a frantic father putting his shirt on backwards, while I patiently waited by the door with my packed suitcase, fully made-up and with clean hair. Now, I lie awake trying to decide if I should risk it and try to wash my hair real fast, and should we wake up Brandon or see if someone could come over here and what did I do with the neighbor’s phone number and how I still don’t have any pajamas to wear so I’d have to go in my sweatpants that I wear every day and definitely aren’t clean…this could go on forever, but I think you get the picture.  So, by the next day, I’m so exhausted that I can’t get anything ready and the cycle repeats itself the next night.  I’ve managed to get Joe stressed out too, which takes a lot, since he is used to my craziness by now.  I tried to call him at lunch today and then later to see if he was coming home…not a big deal but I guess he just saw a lot of missed calls, so he called me freaking out because he thought I was in labor.  I apologized and promised to not call as much and that if I am in labor he can assume that I will be sending many texts and the phone calls will not stop after a couple of tries. 

Anyway, needless to say, I am a fan of induction and do not enjoy the “thrill” of waiting for baby to make her suprise entrance into this world.  I’m hoping that by writing all of this down, I can send it out into the universe for someone else to worry about and will give myself some relief. 

By the way, we still do not have a name for the baby and now the few possibilities I had suddenly don’t feel right, so I am actually getting further away froma  decision.  I am secretly hoping that when she comes out, she will have her name sketched on her bottom like a Cabbage Patch doll!