Daily Archives: March 6, 2009

Feeling better, already


I think my anxiety purge last night really helped, because I slept so much better and haven’t had any imaginary contractions yet today.  Also, I think that Joe is so freaked out that it is forcing me to be the “rational” one and that always helps me cope in stressful situations.  I came into the nursery last night to put a few things in a diaper bag for the hospital (just in case) and Joe was on the computer. The conversation went a little like this:

Joe: What are you doing?

Me: Packing a diaper bag to take to the hospital.

Joe: RIGHT NOW??? (and I think he may have had a small heart attack)

I assured him that if I was actually in labor that it will be the first thing I say and I will probably not be nonchalantly picking out booties and baby blankets. 

The other night Joe was doing night-night prayers with Brandon (which usually turns into conning Daddy into reading a book and playing dinosaurs) when I overheard this conversation:

Brandon: My tummies getting bigger.

Joe: It is?

Brandon: Yeah, like mommy’s  tummy bigger. (He likes to point out how huge I am)

Joe: What’s in mommy’s tummy?

Brandon: My baby sister, but she’s not home yet.

Joe: No she’s not…

Brandon: How does baby sister get home?

Joe: (looooong pause)

Andi: (yelling from other room) Angels!

Brandon: Yeah, angels bring baby sister home!

Just so you know, I have no problem lying to my kid…I am perfectly content with him believing angels bring babies and thunder is the sound clouds make when they are cold.