Lexi Len


She is finally here and even more exciting, we finally picked a name! The debate was long and out of control and continued until she was 26 hours old. We decided on Alexis Len and call her Lexi.  We had a lot of names that we liked, but we found ourselves using Alexis as a middle name in all of them just incase we decided to call her Lexi, so finally we decided that there must be a reason we keep going back to that. 

Anyway, I am pretty tired right now and it is time for Lexi to eat, so I am just doing a quick post tonight, but I plan on telling the whole story in my next post with video of the birth…HAHA, just kidding! I’ll tell the story, but no video…as far as I’m concerened I like to think that angels delivered her while I was napping! Here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful baby girl!


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