Monthly Archives: April 2009

Happy Easter!


Lexi celbrated her first Easter today and she seemed really excited…she even opened her eyes for a couple of minutes!  She, of course, had an Easter basket and the Easter Bunny brought her an adorable stuffed bunny and 2 eggs that Brandon quickly claimed as his because “Lexi’s too little.” Brandon had a Star Wars themed Easter and recieved 2 Star Wars coloring books (which he has already finished in his hyper-efficient coloring mode) and a Star Wars t-shirt that lights up and the Clone Wars DVD that he watched most of the afternoon while I tried to sleep. 

On a different note, Lexi had her 2 week checkup on Tuesday and has already gained 12 oz from her birth weight.  I knew she felt heavier but was still suprised.  The doctor didn’t seem concerned and the good news is I got the okay to let her slepp at night for as long as she wants without having to wake her up for feedings.  Last night she ate at midnight and then didn’t wake up until 5 am.  If you have had a newborn, you realize how awesome that is.  Unfortuntely, I had to get some stuff ready for this morning so I didn’t actually get to go to bed until about 1:30, but it gives me hope for tonight.  I’m turning in, while I can…I have 2 hours until she will probably want to eat again and I need to take advantage of that!

P.S. It occurs to me that some of this doesn’t make much since and is kind of rambley…I blame sleep deprivation!