Dumb Idea


I decided to teach Brandon how to do a somersault tonight…after a failed attempt at explaining it to him I figured a demonstration was needed. I am here to say there is an age limit on somersaults! I’m not sure when I passed the point of being able to propel my body head first across the floor, but I assume it was a long time ago, because I have seriously hurt myself. Now every time Brandon does a somersault (or his version anyway, since I quickly gave up on teaching him) he lays on the floor for a minute saying “Ow, ow” because, clearly, that is the way it is supposed to be done. So, for those of you I will be seeing this weekend, if you catch me rubbing my neck or oddly only looking to the left, you will know why and you have my permission to laugh at me behind my back…I would, if I could turn my head that way.


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  1. hahaha Hey, I did that showing her how to do a cartwheel… I about KILLED myself. It was so much easier when I was younger.

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