Monthly Archives: June 2009

Where’d the time go?

I’m a little frustrated b/c I wrote a huge long post but when I added pictures somehow I managed to delete everything, so, I am going to recap quickly with bullet points since Lexi needs to eat soon.
–I wrote a post about Lexi’s 2 month birthday but never got around to posting pics…basically at 2 months she weighed 13 lbs 2 oz (95%) and was 23 inches long (75%). She is a chunk and is growing out of all her clothes.
–Lexi is smiling and laughing and Brandon loves when she smiles at him.
–We had cousin camp last week…sorry I didn’t get to see anyone, but we had 2 more kids and one less adult than last year and it was exhausting. Please don’t be mad!
–I posted a photo book at I think I know how to do this now so I will post new pics.
–I have started writing the Beauty Buzz segment for so check it out.
Lexi’s crying so my time is up, but I think I hit all the major points..,Check you later! 

My Roller Derby B-day


I went to Dallas last weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday (better late than never) with my family and friends down there.  Out of all the birthdays I’ve had, this one I had to celebrate twice! Thankfully my fun and creative sisters came up with a great theme that took the sting out of the big 3-0. We had a seventies themed costume party at a skating rink!  It was so much fun and hilarious watching everyone try to skate like we did when we were kids. and being suprised by the people that took to it right away (I’m starting to think Joe has been sneaking out and practicing). Unfortunately, I was too busy catching up with everyone and falling on my rear to take pictures myself, so I don’t have any to post but you can see the pics Stephanie took on my Shutterfly share sight Sorry there are so many, but I don’t know how to edit them before putting them up.  Anyway, thanks to everyone that made it out and I missed those of you that didn’t!