Where’d the time go?

I’m a little frustrated b/c I wrote a huge long post but when I added pictures somehow I managed to delete everything, so, I am going to recap quickly with bullet points since Lexi needs to eat soon.
–I wrote a post about Lexi’s 2 month birthday but never got around to posting pics…basically at 2 months she weighed 13 lbs 2 oz (95%) and was 23 inches long (75%). She is a chunk and is growing out of all her clothes.
–Lexi is smiling and laughing and Brandon loves when she smiles at him.
–We had cousin camp last week…sorry I didn’t get to see anyone, but we had 2 more kids and one less adult than last year and it was exhausting. Please don’t be mad!
–I posted a photo book at joeandibrandonandlexi.shutterfly.com. I think I know how to do this now so I will post new pics.
–I have started writing the Beauty Buzz segment for nwamotherlode.com so check it out.
Lexi’s crying so my time is up, but I think I hit all the major points..,Check you later! 

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