That’s embarrassing


Here is a little back story to set this up: When Brandon goes to bed, Joe kisses him goodnight and usually pokes Brandon in the face with his evening stubble, so we talk about how Daddy has a beard but Mommy doesn’t (thank goodness).
Soooo…last night Brandon came up and laid his head one my bare legs (you may see where this is going) and then jumped up and looked at my legs and said “Mommy has a beard?” Of course, he was referring to the stubble on my legs that my wonderful husband had been too nice to point out, but my 3 year old son had no problem with. He asked me how I got my beard off and I told him I shave, sometimes! In my defense, Lexi screams her head off the second I get in the shower so I usually have to rush…at least that’s the excuse I’m using right now.


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