Yes, it was me!


If you happened to be driving down Crossover today and thought you saw a crazy lady picking up papers on the side of the road and thought “Hey, that kinda looked like Andi,” you were right (but I am not doing court ordered community service, if that’s what you thought)! I left the house this morning to pick Brandon up from Nana Camp and didn’t get far before I saw papers flying off the back of my car. I pulled over as soon as I could and called Joe to find out if he had, by any chance, left his work notebook on the back of my car. Of course, he had and it was apparently filled with important papers. So, I had to walk down through the thick weeds in my cute, bejeweled flip-flops picking up papers and dashing into the road between cars for some of them. By the time Joe got there I had everything (special thanks to the good samaritan that grabbed the notebook) and I had started to see the funny in the whole situation.

Anyway, I mentioned that I was getting B. from Nana Camp. He just spent 5 days with Nana and Papa, and Uncle Brien, Aunt Kristie, Hattie Anne, Towle, and Baby Doke in Hot Springs where they were all crammed into the condo. He had a lot of fun, especially with his best buddy Towle and came back saying everything was “awesome”. I think he was defintiely ready to come home though, because when we got here he said “I love you , mommy and I love this house.” It was pretty cute.


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