Happy 4th Birthday, Brandon!


Brandon turned 4 years old today and I think, surely, someone has made a mistake. Just yesterday he was a baby that made me carry him everywhere and today he is a big boy starting his second year of pre-school and choosing to play with Daddy over me…it’s craziness!

We had his birthday party yesterday and it was a huge hit. His cousin Drew came in all the way from Dallas (Gigi came with him, of course) and while the boys played over the weekend Gigi and I nearly killed ourselves planning Super Hero Training camp for his party. When the kids got here, everyone recieved their uniform ( a mask and cape with their initial) and then we had to test their super-skills. First, they had to find all of the radioactive spiders that got lose in the house to test their spidey sense. Then we went out back for an obstacle course: test agility on the balance beam, then scale the tall tower and go down the slide, then climb through the bat cave, leap over tall buildings, run fast as lightening, swing through the swing, climb a rope ladder and finally, slide through the wall to the finish. After each child completed the obstacle course, some did it several times, we practiced catching bad guys with our webs by shooting silly string at ballons hanging from a string. It was a lot of fun and everyone passed! We had pizza and opened presents before serving a GIANT Spiderman cake that Brandon had requested. Every kid left with a Spiderman kite (so they could fly, of course) and a certificate of completion for finishing Super Hero training. It came out really well and was well worth the many,many, many hours spent planning.

Brandon’s real birthday is today and he also went back to school today, so we took cupcakes and got to go to Chick fil a afterwards. We also had a mini-celebration tonight where we lit a candle on the bottom half of the cake that was left (it was seriously a huge cake) and sang happy birthday again. School went well and we are just praying that we don’t have any problems like last year. He starts speech again on Thursday and I think Miss Dee will be happy to see him and impressed by how well he is doing. In the last couple of weeks he has started recognizing his letters and trying to read (early concept stuff, but still). I am excited to see how much he will grow and change this year as he gets older, but if he still wants to curl up in my lap every once in a while, that’s okay too.


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