Lexi playing


I am officially addicted to videoing Lexi! Oh, well! I need to get some video of Brandon too but he always want to run from me…I just have to wait out the phase. Anyway, here is a video of Lexi playing with the cookie cutters. I accidentally taught her how to take her bows and hats off of her head in the process but it was worth it.


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  1. Yes, we were watching Friends together. I almost got up and muted it but thought “Who’s going to pay attention to that?” I guess I got my answer!

  2. Lexi is so cute, her little laugh!! Two things- turn the light on, I want to see her better, and how did you get mom’s hand to keep reaching into the video? Love it, Cathy

    • The light was on but we were in my bedroom, which is always crazy dark, even though we just got a new light fixture. My hands look the least like mom’s!

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